Learning Challenge Curriculum

Mixed Age Planning

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The 2014 National Curriculum provided clear direction in terms of the knowledge and skills pupils should be acquiring as they move through the school. However, in subjects like science which is set out in year groups it provided a potential headache for teachers working with mixed ages.

This eBook publication goes some way in helping these teachers. It predominantly focuses on teachers working with Years 1 and 2 together (but also provides support for those working with reception , Year 1 and 2 together); Years 3 and 4 together and Years 5 and 6 together.

There is an appreciation that some teachers are working with different combinations, e.g., Years 2 and 3. Although these year groups are not specifically outlined it is hoped that the system used here could be replicated for any combined age groups.

Within the science curriculum we have brought together the main element within two age groups, e.g., plants or animals or materials, etc. This has not been possible for all aspects, but it is hoped that teachers can see the sense of what has been set out in cycles.

For geography and history, it has been slightly easier as the National Curriculum identifies coverage for these subjects in key stages not year groups. However, chronology in history has had to be thought through carefully.

Planning for Mixed-aged Classes