Mastery and Greater Depth

This part of the website is intended to provide teachers with a rich resource to support their planning within the broader curriculum. It focuses very much on mastery and greater depth within the broader curriculum by providing examples of reflection which ensure that learners are able to articulate their learning.

The examples are ‘real’ examples taken from a range of schools and academies that use the Learning Challenge curriculum as a starting point for planning the broader curriculum. However, these examples show learning that can be used with any curriculum design.

The examples deliberately draw from schools and academies across the country. Many of the schools and academies have large proportion of learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. Many are from schools and academies where there are several different first languages amongst the pupils.

The aim is to stimulate ideas for you to use with your pupils and this links to the reflection side of this website. Where there is a film symbol then the video example can be found in the reflection section of the website. The intention is to provide you with ideas to ‘raise the bar’ in terms of expected outcomes from the learners.

A critical part of the learning challenge approach is ensuring that pupils understand what they are working towards, i.e. knowing the bigger picture. Reflection helps to cement the learning. Through reflection pupils have an opportunity of showing what they have learnt and have an opportunity of applying their knowledge in an interesting way.

Many schools find that by being clear about the intended outcome for their learning challenge, children are motivated by their learning as they know why the learning matters.

In most cases the outcome will be teacher driven, however there may be opportunities to negotiate this with the pupils. Outcomes could be a tangible object, e.g. book, report, narrative, web page, wiki entry, learning log etc. Alternatively, the outcome may be more experiential, e.g. presentation, drama, role play, work with outside agency, organising and running an event etc.

The Learning Challenge Curriculum
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