Engagement in Learning

In releasing the new National Curriculum, the current government have explained that they are outlining the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’. In other words, the National Curriculum outlines minimum expectations but does not stipulate or suggest how schools should achieve them.

All educators know that the ‘how’ is critical to nurturing successful and confident learners. Schools adopt a range of ways to develop and progress ‘learn to learn’ skills with their children. For some schools this is simply woven into the ways of teaching, giving feedback and modelling expectations. For others, they adopt a more formalised approach to developing learn to learn.

The Learning Challenge approach can be utilised and integrated with any of these approaches. We have seen excellent examples of this in the many schools we work with across England.

Examples of approaches seen recently:

Use of Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
These were devised by the last government for key stage 3. Focus Education, developed these six areas for primary age children. See download for further details.

Use of International Baccalaureate Learner Profile
See download for further details.

Use of Building Learning Power
See download for further details.